Give us your opinion of Treasure’s New Look

Let us know what you think of Treasures new Clown face.  Remember the saying:  “Keep it simple”?  That is also true with clowns makeup these days.  Less is definitely more.  I love Treasure’s new face, it is pure and simple.  Many years ago, clowns had to wear tons of makeup and also not let any skin show.  So hands, arms, legs all had to be covered.  Now that has even changed.  Especially for us who live in the desert, it so important to not have a lot of clothes on.

Treasure does super funny magic shows.  I taught her magic but she has taken it to a whole new level.  Treasure is a natural clown.  She really shines at birthday parties.  Her Face Painting blows people away, they are so impressed.  She can create so many wonderful balloons like Elsa, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Batman, Ninja’s, Ninja Turtles.  She loves what she does and it shows.

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