What Not To Do When Planning a Party

There are a few things you can do to prepare for our arrival so that your child and his/her friends have the best time ever!

  1. Don’t have the entertainment (clown) show up when the party starts. There’s a good chance that no kids will be there other than the birthday child. A clown should come one to two hours after a party starts to make sure some of the guests have arrived. We can face paint the kids as they arrive at the party.

  2. Please be home.

  3. Please, have the cash ready in an envelope for the clown when she arrives. This can delay the party from starting on time while the clown waits for the hostess to get the money together. Be sure to have the right amount of cash as the clown’s don’t bring change with them.

  4. Don’t have every inch of space taken up because the clown will need an area of about 6’ X 6’ just for her table and two chairs. The clown needs to be backed up against something. There also needs to be room for the kids to sit down to watch the magic show.